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‏2008-09-11T15:52:10Z |
Hello All,

I just thought you should know that IBM Mashup Center (including Widget Factory) will be represented at the following events. So if you are planning to at any of these, find us Mashup experts at the IBM booth.

Web 2.0 Expo (NY)
InterOp (NY)
IOD / Las Vegas

In particular at IOD 2008 in Las Vegas, you will find the following sessions relating to mashup sessions.

BVI-1931 Using Enterprise Mashups and Web 2.0 to Drive Enterprise Success
BVI-2458 Enterprise Mashups and Data Services in the Cloud
TOD-2020 - Enterprise Mashups: A Technical Deep Dive
TIS-3053 Trusted Business Information and Web2.0 Initiatives
TIS-2028 Enterprise Mashups and Information Server: Innovation w/ Information Integrity
TIX-1725 IBM Mashup Center & Informix: Made to Mash
TAD-1447 IBM Mashup Center - Maximizing the Value of Data Web Services
TOD-2006 – IBM Mashup Center - Lightweight Data Access and Transformation
TTF-2204 – The Future of Enterprise Mashups: As IBM Mashup Center Crosses the Chasm
TCM-1544 - Enterprise Content Management Meets Web 2.0
TMS-2048 - IMS and Web 2.0: Unleash Your Enterprise Assets
HOL-2687 IBM Mashup Center – Unleash Information to Fuel Business Innovation
TAD-2086 Turn Your Information into Dynamic Web Widgets
Hope to see you there!