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‏2008-09-09T17:09:55Z |
When using the llsummary command to report the total CPU usage on a per user basis over a period of time, how is the Job CPU field translated? For instance if I have something like the following:

Name Jobs Steps Job Cpu Starter Cpu Leverage

lixin3 462 462 214+20:13:32 00:04:50 64008.3
I know that Job CPU is the Total CPU time consumed by user's jobs, but how do I read a value like this if for instance I'm considering charging the user by how much CPU time they use on say a per month basis?
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    Re: llsummary command question

    llsummary -s xx/xx/2008 to xx/xx/2008 -r numeric works much better.

    I figure out the answer myself.

    Sorry to waste you time.

    Thanks again.