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Pinned topic Parametrize the sensor and the outputter at Runtime

‏2008-09-08T14:25:08Z |

I'm currently writing a plugin that have to launch an Adapter over multiple log files. I configured the adapter and I would like to use it as a base configuration and update at runtime the sensor and outputter directory/fileName because I don't know in advance which files I will have as input and output fileName depends on the input fileName.

I use the Adapter class to launch the adapter by setting the context and component configuration. A way to do it is applying the technic specified in using XPath but I would like to know if since this date (year 2004) a new way is possible by example once the java adapter instance is created and the config set retrieve the config and modify it before launching

Another solution is to use a property file and create a sensor based on the SingleOSFileSensor overwrite the update method to retrieve the directory and fileName from the property file. The property file will be modified between each run. In this should be ok because the update method is seems to be called in the prepareAdapter method which is called before the controller run.

What are you suggesting?

I'm using Eclipse 3.2 with TPTP 4.2 and this could be not changed.

Many thanks