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‏2008-09-01T19:55:14Z |
Does someone have any information about Standish Group's Chaos Report on the last two years?
And is there any study that relates RUP and the improvement of software quality or software projects success?
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    Re: Chaos Report

    At Dr. Dobb's Journal I have been running Project Success Surveys for the past few years. In December I ran the 2008 survey, and found that Iterative teams (e.g. RUP) have a 71% success rate, agile teams 70%, and traditional teams 66%. The results of the survey are summarized in Information Week the last week of February and the details will be posted at my survey page. This survey measures success as defined by the respondent, and does not force a definition of success on people -- every project is different. The Chaos report measures whether a project is reasonably on time, on schedule, and to spec and many people assume that's how success is defined. That assumption appears to be false.

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