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Pinned topic WEME for Windows mobile 2003

‏2008-08-29T16:29:43Z |
Hi all!
I have websphere Device Developer 5.7.1 and I want to install MicroEnvironment in my pocket Pc. I use .CAB and when i run the application says that ClassNotFound: jclfoun10_22.
So, how is the install?

PD: I dont know if is because my pocket pc is Windows Mobile 5.0...I couldnt find it for windows mobile... :(

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    Re: WEME for Windows mobile 2003

    J9 runs on WM 2005. If you install J9 to \J9 directory, then you can try launching the GolfScoreTracker app which used to be part of the IBM J9 install. You can put following shortcut to your \Windows\Start Menu\Programs directory:

    127#\J9\bin\j9w.exe -jcl:ppro11 -cp \J9\examples\GolfScoreTrackerApp.jar

    And then go Start -> Programs and launch it. Next time it will appear between your last launches.