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Pinned topic change in forum's email delivery

‏2008-08-19T13:18:17Z |

Currently customers are able to get email alerts of RUP forum messages via either a dW watchlist or a maillist. We are planning to eliminate the maillist option for several reasons: to improve email/web integration, to simplify our infrastructure, to eliminate a spam backdoor (that has hampered other lists), and to reduce operating costs.

This change will have a minimal functional impact. Customers will still be able to use email to stay abreast of forum developments and respond to messages. The only loss of capability will be that you will no longer be able start a brand new thread from email; instead you'll have to visit the web site to do that. Our traffic analysis revealed that this is very rarely used.

If you receive email alerts via the maillist option, you will need to take the following steps to switch your subscription to a watchlist and post via email.

1) First, go to the web page for the RUP discussion at:

2) Look just below the forum description for the binocular icon. If it says "Watch Forum", then click those words to get added to the watchlist. Notice the binoculars switch to a new icon (now with red strike-outs) and the words "Stop Watching Forum" (if you click them and you'll stop getting emails).

3) If you want to reply to a message, just choose reply in your email client.

To determine if you are currently getting emails via the maillist or the watchlist, look at where the message comes from. If messages come from an address ending in "", it is from a maillist and you'll need to switch to the watchlist to continue receiving messages. If the message comes from "dWforums", you are already signed up for the watchlist and no action is needed.

This change will take place almost immediately (by week's end). If you have any issues, questions or concerns, contact Rational dW's Community Manager Marc Siegel via email ( or phone (408-705-0666).

Thanks, and keep those posts coming!

Mark Lines
RUP Discussion Facilitator