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‏2008-08-18T18:16:04Z |
Welcome to the Infosphere Warehouse forum! This forum provides a place to discuss topics of interest to Infosphere Warehouse developers and users. Topics may include discussions about the Design Studio, Infosphere Administration Console, Mining and OLAP tools. Here are some useful references that are worth checking if you have a problem or question :

InfoSphere Warehouse Information Roadmap
- contains links to many information resources for the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 release.

Infosphere Warehouse version 9.7 online documentation

Infosphere Warehouse version 9.5 online documentation

DB2 Warehouse Edition version 9.1 online documentation

DB2 Warehouse Version 9.5 migration roadmap

DWC to DWE Migration tool

Infosphere Warehouse support ( search through APARs and other online documents )
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