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I am running VCE against a IBM HTTPServer on a Windows XP installation and it fails. It says refer to the logs for details but all the 'log' information I can find in the console which says
http://2008.08.14- Step 8: Asking the user to provide the IBM HTTP Server root directory
http://2008.08.14- Step 9: Validating the IBM HTTP Server root directory provided by the user
http://2008.08.14- Step 10: Processing the IBM HTTP Server configuration files
ihs.base.config.file: C:\\IBM_HTTP_Server_2.0\\conf\\httpd.conf
The collection has ended due to an error.
The collection results (which may not exist in all cases) are located in path to zip
Any one know how to find out what the issue is?


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    Re: VCE and IBM HTTPServer

    Paul, It looks like the collector code that processes the httpd.conf file is unable to do the parsing properly. If you could send me the file, I will try to see what the problem is.
    Gary Dudley