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Pinned topic Error creating an Ejb jar have spring xml descriptors in it.(ejbdeploy.bat)

‏2008-08-08T12:30:02Z |
Hi All.
I am trying to create an EJB jar file using ejbdeploy.bat
I have spring xmls in my projects.
The ant command gives a validation error while validating an
spring xmls.

connection could not be made to

May be I need to specify some proxy credentails.
My ant script file is below:::

My ANT script is below ::

<target name="ejbcompile" description="Compile ejb project">
<jar destfile="${antcheckedout.code}/${my.jarfile}">
<fileset dir="${antcheckedout.code}/rbsmessagingserver/MessagingManager/ejbModule">
<include name="**"/>
<exec executable="${wsad.path}/bin/ejbdeploy.bat" >
<arg value="${antcheckedout.code}/${my.jarfile}"/>
<arg value="${wsad.path}"/>
<arg value="${antcheckedout.code}\MessagingManager.jar"/>