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Pinned topic Invalid segment length (LL) of [1804] in input object-Using J2C Connector

‏2008-08-04T14:42:44Z |

I have been struggling with this issue for the past 1 week .I am using J2C Connector tools to generate beans that lets us to communicate cobol programs.

In cobol code we have declared LL as like this.

05 LL PIC S9(4) COMP.

Using J2C Connector tools for this cobol programs(input and output records) total 5 fils are generated. Those are,,
Command Bean:

Here on i am setting all screen values and IMS related stuff in inputrecord
and executing with this input on commandbean object,then we will get the output record contains all the output data.

Here the problem is when i am setting the LL value like this and executing i am getting the follwing error.
InputRecord inputRocord = InputRecord();
inputrecord.setL1((short) 1804);

RetrieveDetails commandBean= RetrieveDetails();


javax.resource.ResourceException: ICO0024E:
error. Invalid segment length (LL) of 19200 in input object.[):

And one more quetion is in set() method which type of parameter we can set?
what i think is , 1804 is total length of variables of cobol it right or not?

Could anyone help me out this problem.Help would be greatly appreciated.Its very urgent..please.......

if you drop a mail also to would be better.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Invalid segment length (LL) of [1804] in input object-Using J2C Connector

    I stuggled with this issue myself over the past two days and web searches failed to yield the answer.

    Make sure the correct environment is selected when you use the J2C Tools to create IMS/CICS Bindings. I had this problem when I improperly generated the input and output classes with "win32" selected. When I re-generated the classes with z/OS selected they worked fine. I think this is largely a big/little endian problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Invalid segment length (LL) of [1804] in input object-Using J2C Connector



    Did anyone resolved this issue..

    Our current PoC is stuck with this.

    please let us know if someone resolved this or have any clue