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Pinned topic Send/receive xml data from MVS z/OS V1.08 to another mainframe using HTTPS.

‏2008-08-01T18:43:54Z |
Hi All,

We have a MQ set up in our system to send and receive data from and to mainframes.
Now a user is requesting us to change the data format to XML and change mechanism from MQSeries to https (two-way authenticated SSL).

to summarize We would.

1) send batch data by calling a specific Web service , and
2) Retrieve the status of the batch by calling a second Web service (presumably after 1 hour).

I am pretty much new to usage of HTTPS protocol mechanism in MVS z/OS 1.08, please help me out in understanding how it works, and let me if anyone can help me with a JCL for sending and receiving xml data though https.

Best regards.