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Pinned topic 포럼 게시글 관련 준수사항 - 필독

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developerWorks 담당자 입니다.

포럼은 자유롭게 의사를 개진하고, 토론할 수 있는 여러분의 참여 공간입니다.

포럼을 이용하기에 앞서, 기본적인 준수사항을 안내드립니다.

포럼 이용시, 저작권의 침해 등 범법행위와 결부된다고 객관적으로 판단되는 행위를 하지 않아야 합니다.

본인이 직접 작성한 글을 올려주시고, 저작권에 관련하여 문제의 소지가 될 수 있는 게시물은 dW 포럼 운영진에 의해 삭제될 수 있습니다.

보다 자세한 사항을 알고 싶으시면, 저작권 보호센터에서 제공하는 저작권 관련 법령 내용을 참조해 주십시오.

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    Re: 포럼 게시글 관련 준수사항 - 필독

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    Freeje - International calling app for Android.

    Jul 24 | Tags: 3g, android, apps, call, phone

    Freeje - App for calling international




    Make cheap calls to the phone at a few of the world%u2019s lowest international rates, or call other Rebtel app users at no cost! *** Why Should You Use freeje? *** %u2714 Call Around the globe for 98% Less** Call landline phones, feature phones or other people abroad that doesn%u2019t have Rebtel too. Apply for free %u2014 you automatically get 3 free minutes whenever you subscribe. %u2714 Free freeje to Calls in mane countryes More than 17 million people use us to their family for free over Wi-Fi/3G with crystal clear voice quality.* %u2714 Send Low Priced International SMS Text family and friends in more than 150 countries. Like regular SMS, only 60% cheaper. %u2714 Keep Talking without Data international call app Call splitting up? Tap the Keep Talking button and range from Wi-Fi/3G with a local phone call free of charge international call %u2714 Instantly international call app Find Friends Rebtel works together your family address book and teaches you who%u2019s already using our apps and could be called for free. Inviting more friends is a breeze! * Operator charges may submit an application for the neighborhood area of the call and/or your cellular data connection.













    International Phone App For Android

    International Phone App For Android in USA - is a leading provider of calling software for android cheap international calling, today announced the release of their new Android app. … The app uses the phone's own dialer to make local calls that connect internationally, which means it won't use up a customers data allowance


    apps rating:4.33 based on 3149 votes.
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