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‏2008-07-25T23:07:08Z |

I am trying to install z/OS V1R7 and i dont want carry forward the stuff from my driving system.
So I am trying to build a completely fresh system.
I have a doubt with RACFTGT job in ServerPac. If I have to use a completely fresh RACF, I need to execute this JCL before first IPL and for that to work well, I need to have my RACFTGT job pointing to the Target System RACF database rather than the driving system RACF database.
Currently my target RACF database is empty. I dont want to carry forward whats there in the old RACF database hence I dont want to copy from the Driving to Target RACF DB.

Any ways to this. Can I try RVARY INACTIVE the current RACF DB and and then activate the one which will be used on the target system(the target RACF is empty right now).

WOuld really appreciate if someone can help.

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    Did you find any solution to this ?