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Pinned topic CICS Web Services - No Deserializer found to deserialize...

‏2008-07-16T19:52:42Z |
CICS TS 3.1, z/OS 1.7

Attempting to communicate with a web service, I have used DFHWS2LS to create WSBIND and copybooks. On EXEC CICS INVOKE WEBSERVICE I am receiving the following error in response (RESP=INVREQ RESP2=6), retrieving it from DFHWS-BODY

No Deserializer found to deserialize a '
"uri:fieldName"' using encoding style 'null'.

where "uri:fieldName" is the uri from the WSDL namespace, followed by a colon, followed by fieldName which is one of the fields being passed in the DFHWS-DATA container.

The WSDL specifies the encoding style for this field as


The outgoing SOAP request contains no encodingStyle. How may I set this attribute on the outgoing SOAP request?