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‏2008-07-14T02:38:56Z |

I am facing a problem while trying to access the PageCount attribute of the IDMDocument Object.
And it is throwing an exception "Unable to get file attribute".

Also the TypeName attribute of the document object is always returning "FileNet IDM Document" irrespective of the file is in .tif or .pdf format.

Below is the piece of code which i m using.

// Declare Document Object
Document document = null;

// Gets the Document Object

LibraryClass _idmObjects = new LibraryClass();

document = (Document) _idmObjects.GetObject(idmObjectType.idmObjTypeDocument,
FNDocNo, Missing.Value, Missing.Value, Missing.Value ) as Document;
// Get the type name.
FileTypeName = document.TypeName; // Its always returning FileNet IDM Document even if the file is of .pdf format

TotalPageCount = document.PageCount; // This is throwing exception as "Unable to get file attribute"

Thanks in advance
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    Re: Unable to get file attribute

    Have you installed help for developers along with your FileNet Product. In that its mentioned that the pageCount property is applicable only for FileNet native types files.

    Native Document Formats

    Some of them include the below

    · TIFF G4
    · TIFF G3
    · TIFF Raw
    · FileNet Banded
    · COLD (with and without background templates)

    You may try with such type and see if ur program works fine
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    Re: Unable to get file attribute

    Hi Abhijeet,
    did u get the solution of it because I'm also facing same problem