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In the match frequency count field (qsFreqCount) there are three groups of digits (of which the first appears to be the actual frequency count, for example 00000017 00000000 00000000) if the header flag is 1 and eight groups of digits if the header flag is 0.

Is there any documentation on what these all mean? I could not find anything in the version 8 QS user guide, which is terribly sparse.
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    The Match Frequency output is specifically for consumption by the Match Stage(s). Historically this step was simply a function of the Match Stage and not exposed. In 8.0 we separated it out into a separate Stage as customers requested to be able to manage the currency of the Match Frequency outside of the Match process.

    The format is not documented as it is only consumed by the Match Stage. If you require frequency analysis of your data then you can use the Investigate Stage in QualityStage. Or Information Analyzer for more comprehensive profiling analysis.