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Pinned topic Enable portlet to be SSO aware

‏2008-07-05T19:00:06Z |
Hello all gurus,

I am a newbie in Portlet factory. My portal and domino server are both siteminder SSO enabled and authenticate me correctly if ran independently. My portlets are returning empty and show up as anonymous.

Question: How to i enable my portlet to auto-authenticate and use the siteminder token?

I have got the the following models:

a. using domino access builder

b. Using an imported page to above mentioned domino resource - URL ->http://<server>/xxx.nsf/salesPage?openpage.

c. Using a REST service call above mentioned domino resource - URL-> http://<server>/xxx.nsf/salesPage?openpage.
note- also tried populate the "HTTP cookie" field with SITEMINDER token, but still isn't working.

Any advice is highly appreciated?

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    Re: Enable portlet to be SSO aware

    I'm not clear on what you are doing. Is your goal to have a portlet that gets domino data over HTTP using the REST service call builder? If so, I don't understand the need for your model with the Domino Data Access builder.

    Can you provide more detail on your ultimate goal?