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‏2008-06-30T17:54:53Z |
Welcome to the Rational AppScan Standard Edition Forum

Rational AppScan Standard Edition is an industry leading Web Application Security Scanner. It helps Security Experts, Quality Assurance professionals and others detect and remediate application-layer security vulnerabilities in their code, providing high automation and built-in Security expertise.

You can watch a recorded Demo, download the Trial Version or visit the Rational AppScan Standard Edition page for more detail. AppScan Standard Edition is a part of the Rational AppScan family of products, offering a range of solutions for the Web Application Security problem across the development life cycle and throughout the organization.

This forum is your place for any questions regarding Rational AppScan Standard Edition, including installation related queries; product usage and how-to questions; technological inquires about the different technologies included in the product; and any other related question. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Guy Podjarny, Rational AppScan Product Manager

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