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Pinned topic Preconfigured Eclipse Workspace for a Batch Development Environment

‏2008-06-22T11:17:55Z |

To make it simpler to get started using our WebSphere XD Compute Grid batch application development tooling. We've put together an Eclipse workspace that has the Batch Datastream Framework (BDS Framework), some heavily commented samples, and the Batch Simulator set up. This package should enable you to very quickly get a development environment up and running, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Download this file :).
  2. unzip the file to some directory X
  3. start up Eclipse
  4. when asked for a workspace directory to load, specify directory X
  5. To run the sample, hit 'play'. You should see an output file generated in the output directory

The overall sample does an "echo" - it reads data from one location and writes it to another.

We plan to add more documentation to this post shortly

Message was edited by: Snehal Antani - updated the eclipse workspace package to include the new performance metrics feature (which for now is early code, still finalizing), which is in version You can read more about the performance metrics at the following link:

Message was edited by: Snehal Antani. The package was updated with the batch packager and a sample packaging properties file which produces the ECHO.ear file, this ear file can be deployed to a Compute Grid runtime. You can read more about this at: and

Message was edited by: Snehal Antani. Version of the Eclipse workspace includes xJCL's that can be submitted to a Compute Grid runtime (to the job scheduler). There is also an IVT.xml file that enables the user to simulate errors (for the job to fail, for the server process to fail, etc) and test the restart functionality of the product. You can find the properties and their descriptions as comments in that file.
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