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‏2008-06-22T06:16:20Z |
Dear all

With reference to Maximo 6.2.1, it is required to run the Update Reorder Point value using “Reorder Point Report”, but we are facing the following problems:
1- All items has New Reorder Point value = 0 even though there are issue and transfer transactions for these items
2- When run the report against storeroom that associated to more than 1000 items, the report time out error appears

On the other hand it is required to describe the formula element that used in report, the formula is:
New Reorder Point = ( Average monthly usage * Lead time / A ) + ( 2 * Stand. deviation of lead time * ( Lead time / A ) (1/1.6)th

Thanks & best regards
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    Re: Reorder Point Report

    Is the report timing out because of a query that is taking too long to execute?