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‏2008-05-29T15:33:18Z |
How do you set up an Load Profile to perform a standalone dump on the HMC?
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    Re: Stand Alone Dump

    ‏2008-05-29T15:34:13Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    This is a two part answer because after you set up the profile, the easiest way to use it is through a Group.

    To Set Up the Profile:
    1) On the HMC, go to the CPC Operational Customization task list.
    2) Drag the CPC you are working with to the Customize/Delete Activation
    Profiles task.
    3) When the Profile List comes up, select DEFAULTLOAD and hit the
    Customize button
    4) Fill in the Profile Name and Description for your SAD profile
    5) Make sure you have a Load Type of NORMAL selected or you will
    wipe out low core when you IPL.
    6) Fill in the Load Address of your Stand Alone Dump Program.
    7) Hit the SAVE button.

    To Set Up a Group to Hold the SAD Load Profile:
    1) On the HMC, select Groups, then select CPC Images
    2) Go to the Daily Task List and drag the image of where you want the
    SAD to occur over to GROUPING.
    3) Create a NEW group and call it something descriptive for SAD and that
    4) Save the new Group away
    5) On the HMC, select GROUPS again.
    6) Double Click on the Group you named in step #3
    7) Double Click on the Image contained in this group
    8) When the details panel comes up, click CHANGE OPTIONS.
    9) Select the profile name you made in Step 4 under 'To Set Up the Profile'
    section and SAVE this.
    10) You will notice the Details Panel now has the SAD Load Profile Name in the
    11) Save the Details Panel.
    Now when you drag the group containing the SAD Load Profile over to Activate, it will IPL your SAD program.

    You can also set up SAD Load Profiles for all images on your system and place all of them in your Group. In this case, you would not drag the group over to activate when you get an error (this would IPL all images), you would open the group and only drag over the failing image.
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      Re: Stand Alone Dump

      ‏2008-10-02T00:49:43Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Hello Dave,

      Could you confirm if I target a specific image and load the SAD it will only affect that particular LPAR image and not say, a running production LPAR? Also, if I wanted the output to be saved to a 3490 tape I take it that the drive needs to be online to that image only and not anywhere else?

      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,
      Mel Mella