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Pinned topic how to create a sample application demonstrating self healing capabilities

‏2008-05-27T14:09:21Z |

I am looking answers to following questions. Pls help me.

1. How can I create a sample application that demonstrates self healing capabilities.
2. How to implement M-A-P-E loop.
3. From where to download Autonomic computing toolkit and sample problem determination scenarios as they are not available on website. The website says it has been a sunset and is no longer available for download.
4. Does autonomic computing toolkit works for IBM products only. Can we use them to make our custom defined applications so that they also have self CHOP features.
5. Are there any other tools or APIs available (other than those of IBM) using which we can develop M-A-P-E loop and thus creating a self healing system.

I am desperately in need of answers to these questions. My aim is to create a sample application which is capable of self healing. Any pointers, links, websites, tutorials are welcome.

Thanks & Regards in advance.