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‏2008-05-16T20:49:38Z |
I ran into the following problem and I am looking for some advise. I have MQWF 3.5 installed on a Windows 200 server and I am trying to migrate it to a new server running Windows 2003 server. I have MQWF 3.5 and DB2 installed on the E: drive on the existing system. On my new system I am installed everything on the C: drive. I migrated the database and started up the configuration only to find the following error messages in the Fmcerr.log. As you can see from the error messages below there is a reference somewhere in the database to the E drive, which is from the old system. Is there any way to fix this?

Report creation = 5/16/2008 3:09:29 PM
Related message = FMC31050E An error has occurred which has terminated processing.

Error location = File=e:\v360\src\fmccdifs.cxx, Line=4562, Function=FmcFmlsDevice::GetFromQueue
Error data = FmcFMLException, MQReturnCode=2, MQReasonCode=2162, MQObjectName=FMC.FMCGRP.FMCSYS.ADM, severe error
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    Re: Migrating MQWF to new Hardware


    No Idea what to do if it is really in the database, but did you check the Profile entries in the Registry? Perhaps there is something there that points back to the old drive? Not likely, but something I would check.


    John McDonald

    EmeriCon, LLC
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    Re: Migrating MQWF to new Hardware


    the error that you are seeing has nothing to do with the E: drive of your
    former installation :-)
    (instead it is the location where the product has been built on IBM's

    You are getting an MQ error 2162 that terminates your server.
    MQ 2162 means that MQ is being stopped. Make sure that you do not stop MQ
    Series while MQWF servers are still running.
    Make sure that MQ Series is not stopped implicitely by logging off from

    Volker Hoss

    IBM WebSphere Process server Development