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Pinned topic undup match stage not preserving case

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I have a request for some data to flow through QualityStage with no case changes. I have the odbc format convert from Oracle, transfer, preprocess and standardize stages all preserving the original case. However, when I run the match and create the extract, the case is converted to all caps. I can, of course, get around this by not doing a moveall, but just moving the unique identifier fields and then sending the match extract AND the proper case stan file back to oracle and joining them there - but what a pain..isn't there a way to tell the match stage to preserve case?
-Beth Carey
QS 7.5 on unix/oracle datadirect ODBC
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  • Ray.Wurlod
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    Re: undup match stage not preserving case

    None that I know of. However, you can carry the original data through the match, or set it aside and join it later. That may be useful to you.
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    Re: undup match stage not preserving case

    I don't believe the match stage is causing this problem. Can you isolate the stage into a seperate Job with a input file that you know has mixed case and test.