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‏2008-05-12T13:54:00Z |
I'm getting the following set of errors when using MNS:

MNS_13,1: Convert table not found

MNS_13,1: Error occurred on line 8620 of file \D=\IBM\InformationServer\Server\PXEngine\bin\Apps\MNV\Controls\COUNTRY\US\USMNAD.PAT
Pattern File line: OVERRIDE_D Text @$APPCLIB/USMNAD.ITO Return VALUE

MNS_13,1: The runLocally() of the operator failed.

MNS_13,1: Operator terminated abnormally: runLocally did not return APT_StatusOk
Given that MNS is a standard stage that comes with the program, and that I have had it running before, how can it not find this table? Has anyone had this trouble before?
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    Re: MNS Table Not Found

    Is this the first time you've used the MNS rule set +in this project+?
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    Re: MNS Table Not Found


    I got the similar error while using MNS:

    MNS,0: Table could not be found
    MNS,0: The above error occurred in the following line of file ./RT_QS8/MDMQSPartyStandardization/V0S6/Controls/USMNAD.ITO.
    MNS,0: The runLocally() of the operator failed.

    Is there any solution to solve this problem?
    Many thanks in advance!