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Pinned topic PowerVM Lx86 version 1.2 now available

‏2008-05-07T15:57:43Z |
In January 2008 IBM announced the new PowerVM Lx86 feature that creates a virtual x86 Linux application environment on Power processor-based systems, so most 32-bit x86 Linux applications can run without requiring clients or ISVs to recompile the code. This brings new benefits to organizations who want the reliability and flexibility of consolidating on Power Systems servers yet use applications that have not yet been ported to the platform. With the Lx86 feature, PowerVM virtualization can be used for consolidating AIX, i, Linux and Lx86 workloads onto Power Systems servers.

With this announcement, IBM is introducing a new release level of PowerVM Lx86 version 1 release 2 which offers more options for clients wanting to consolidate 32-bit x86 Linux applications on Power Systems servers. Version 1.2 provides enhancements in performance, additional POWER6 server support and additional Linux operating system support.

The new PowerVM Lx86 version 1.2 offers the potential to improve the performance of certain 32-bit x86 Linux applications enabled with PowerVM Lx86 compared to version 1.1, particularly on POWER6 processor-based systems.

You can access the new version from the following locations:

1) PowerVM Lx86 web site:

2) developerWorks:

If you have problems downloading, please post a message to this forum.

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Raymond Barrera