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Pinned topic is this set up approach possible??

‏2008-04-17T14:27:48Z |
Requirement : To set up a Test enviornment and contiue to have the old workflow instances *.
Scenario : * = the old workflow instances is explained by the description here
The Test enviornment has been mirrored from an existing working enviornment. The WF architecture used here is 3-tier set up.

A few things we have taken care of during the mirroring are
1. The workflow QM has not been changed
2.The Domain name the system name , and the System group name has not been changed.

Problem/ Obstacle :The way we have figured out to configure this enviornment is as follows
Solaris Boxes
1. Box1 where the Web client is running
2. Box 2 where MB and WF Server is running
3. Box 3 where the DB is maintained including the WF database.
1. We have catalouged the other the box 1 and box 2 to the DB2 box
2. We are planning to remove the existing WF server configuration on the box 2 , which will also drop the WF database on Db2 server and the WF Queue Manager.
3. Once this is done we will re create the WF server configuration and mention the same name for the WF database and the same name for the WF QM.

1.Will this approach work ?
2.Is it possible to recreate the WF server configuration without dropping the FMCDB database?
3.Is there a possibility that the new configuration on this set up will continue to point to the database on the server from which this box was mirrored.
4.Once the set up is up and working , we also require the live workflow instances to be imported to the FMCDB. Since we are recreating this DB there will be no datastructure defined in it already. Will an incremental export import all datastructure , fdl and the workflow instances?

Pls note that this is not for a high availibility solution. The three boxes were mirrored because the requirement was to have all the wf instances running on the new enviornment as well.

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