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Pinned topic FMC00012E Incorrect Password errors after WBM <-> MQWF import/exports

‏2008-04-15T14:54:30Z |
I'm afraid I shot myself in the foot. I'd appreciate any recovery suggestions, short of completely reinstalling Workflow.

In order to get familiar with exporting FDL from the WS Business Modeler and importing it to Workflow, I did the following:

1) Imported my currently running Workflow FDL file into WBM. At a cursory level, all processes looked fine in WBM.
2) Exported from WBM to new a FDL file
3) Imported FDL from step 2 to Workflow BT and then exported to RT
4) Imported to RT via fmcibie. Got some FMC21730W messages about bogus processes created by WBM not having any executables but no severe errors. RT database updated.

Now the trouble started. I could no longer logon via WebClient using any of the userIDs. All failed with the FMC00012E errors. Nor could I logon to Admin utility or import any new FDL via fmcibie. All login attempts fail with Incorrect Password.

I'd appreciate any suggestions regarding specifically what may have been corrupted and how I might recover.

Thank you