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Pinned topic Error trying to run a c++ module under CICS

‏2008-04-03T15:51:28Z |
We are trying to implement our tax engine - a C++ application under CICS TS 2.3 in Z/OS. We just started with a Inter Language Communication call with a simple c++ module called from our cobol program under CICS to make sure we resolve any environment issues before proceeding with the major programs. However,we have gotten into some troubles. The call to the simple c++ works perfectly fine. It had just a class and a method marked extern cobol which was called form our cobol module. However, when we added another c++ class which was instantiated in the above c++ method, we started having troubles. CICS gave an ASRA while trying to load the program. (Gave a program check error for the 2nd class). I looked at the prelink steps and I do see an error "EDC4014: Undefined Static writable objects detected". But it gave a return code 4. The function it referred to was for the constructor.

Are we missing any thing here? I am unable to find more information on this.

Any help is appreciated!

Here are the steps we followed:

Compile the C++ classes into object files.
Translate and Compile the Cobol program which is the main entry point
Pre-link the object modules
Link-Edit using the C++ binder marking the cobol module as the entry.

This is the message I am seeing in the Pre-linker:
ERROR EDC4014: Undefined writable static objects are detected:

where mtest2 is the name of the second class.


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