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I don’t know if here is the right place for this post, but if not please let me know.

My name is Hristo Markov. I am one of the owners of a small software company - “Markov and Markov” Ltd.- . Our location is in Varna, Bulgaria /Europe/.

We do software development. We working with developed from us software technology for very fast producing of big software systems SCUS / System for Creation of Users Systems /, which base on “PROGRAMMING WITHOUT PROGRAMMERS” principle.

With SCUS we can do development of big Internet sites. Currently, we start to release our own business sites. The first one is the Cargo Freight Exchange business site -

Below are main short links
Bulgarian standard =>
European standard =>
USA standard =>

In the future the site will be developed to other languages.

I am looking for an Internet marketer that can bring customers to the business site -

I don’t looking for SEO specialists. Our web pages are SEO friendly.

Another one condition is to have possibility to work free, because our business site is also free for members. /This will be as long as the site stays commercial. The site must collect necessary number from active members. / Once our business site stays commercial then that Internet marketer will benefit from customers that he brings to our site.

In brief – we own the software technology and “know how” and looking for Internet traders.

If you are interested then you may post your reply in this forum, or e-mail me in some e-mails in our sites.

Hristo Markov.
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    Re: Looking for an Internet marketer.

    Dear Markov?

    I'm just curious, but you're asking for help, and you state that you don't need SEO; you just need to drive traffic to your site.

    Are you talking about better conversion rate or you don't have enough visitors to your website to generate anything? In both cases, SEO should help. Having SEO friendly site takes care of on-page optimization, but there's also off page optimization aspect - the one that sends targeted visitors to your site.

    Do you have any specific requests that you'd like for internet marketing engineer to consider? For example your: and
    both return the same page, while both are active. This literally means that your www competes with non-www version of the website while producing duplicate content - not so favored by Bing, Google, and almost all other SE. This is not truly SEO friendly... I'm sure there are other things have been overlooked on the structure of your site that can improve overall ranking.

    If you're interested in internet marketing analysis and help with your site, check out internet marketing

    I wish you the best,
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    Re: Looking for an Internet marketer.

    I can help you out with your requirement.. please let me know in details what is your requirement and what result are you planning to achieve..
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