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‏2008-02-29T15:57:41Z |

I have a Question on XML messaging with MQ Queues for activities configured to USER PROGRAM EXECUTION AGENT.

It is possible to start and finish an activity through XML message by defining the UPES as MQ-Queue for an activity, it means when an activity starts WF Engine sends a message to MQ-Queue and external applications can read the message and can send a response to the activity to finish it(in case of synchronous).

But how to handle the Activities which are configured for USER PROGRAM EXECUTION AGENT with messaging,
Is it possible to checkout and checkin these activities by sending an XML message to external applications?

I mean, when a workitem is checkedout, WF engine has to send a checkout XML message to external application, when an external sends a checkin XML message to WF engine workitem should get finish.

Is it possible to have such a message based communication for USER PROGRAM EXECUTION AGENT acitvities?
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    Re: Human Activities based on messaging

    I am confused, you seem to be mixing use of PEA and UPES. Generally, do not use PEA with MQWF anymore, which means no use of Program Execution Agent. If you have a UPES activity, that will be started when MQWF sends the appropriate message to the UPES queue, and completed when the UPES sends the appropriate reply. If you have a Human activity, that will be run via the api (checkout/checkin) using a client like the IBM supplied WebClient.


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