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Pinned topic What determines the setting for WAS_50_PLUGINDIR in WebSphere Studio 5.1.1?

‏2008-02-26T18:43:06Z |
I am using WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.1 on Windows XP. Every time I start it, the WAS_50_PLUGINDIR classpath variable gets reset to point to v5.1.1\runtimes\base_v5_stub, but the jars are actually installed in the v5.1.1\runtimes\base_v51 directory. Most of my colleagues don't have this problem (their variable points to base_v51), so I suspect I did something wrong during installation. I didn't have the problem until I moved to a new laptop. Any ideas as to what I did wrong or how to fix it? I'd rather not add variables to the classpath, because I'd like to keep my projects in sync with my colleagues.