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Pinned topic Developerworks article on XTP, HPC, Grid, and XD Compute Grid

‏2008-02-25T10:24:49Z |
Emerging technologies make WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid ideal for handling mission-critical batch workload


IBM® WebSphere® Extended Deployment Compute Grid provides an enterprise grid and batch processing runtime environment for mission-critical batch workloads. In this context, batch is defined as the task of processing a tremendous amount of data within a window of time that, for globally-oriented businesses, is continually shrinking. Because enterprises require operational control, security, high availability, scalability, reliability, and transactional data access, batch processing in the enterprise environment can be quite a challenge. This article describes how Compute Grid combines emerging architectural technologies that provide an enterprise application infrastructure to make the next-generation batch system a reality. These technologies include extreme transaction processing (XTP), high-performance computing (HPC), grid, and utility computing.

This article is for IT decision makers, technical architects, and technical strategists who have a general knowledge of middleware infrastructures and who need to understand the features, benefits, and impacts that Compute Grid can provide to middleware infrastructures. You also learn how enterprise grid computing relates to XTP, HPC, Grid, and utility computing.

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