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Pinned topic automatic Unit tests for custom builders

‏2008-02-20T16:18:27Z |
As agile development suggests, I'm looking for the right way to introduce a set of automatic unit test to be executed on some custom builders. (likely those tests should be part of development process that can be executed both on development environment and on top of build process.)

I'm just wondering if this approach can be applied to builder developed for Websphere Portlet Factory. Is there anyone who has already done that ?

My concern on this matter is that I've found some issues which I can't address.
I was thinking to provide some models (test cases) containing the builder that need to be tested.

My concern as follow

1. How to test the design time part of the builder ? How to automate the GUI Test ? Should I look to some test suite like Quick Test Professional ?
2. How to handle builder that change over time? Some time we have big changes in builders development that all models containing those builder need to be developed again. In this case, we need to keep in account the cost to rewrite every time the test models.

If I have a correct understanding, it seems that the only part that can be automated is the one relative to runtime. Unless big changes have not taken place within builder, we could run the test models and check the output is already the same.

Renato Del Gaudio