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‏2008-02-18T17:15:59Z |
I posted this elsewhere before finding this formum.

Looking for some ideas on a project we want to initiate.

We are using Capture 4.1 and IS in a windows environment.

We image a few select client emails and the way those are curently identified the is the company staff forwards those emails to a single mail box. Today our imaging staff actually prints, scans and indexes thoese emails.

Due to volume we are looking at a more efficient method.

Is there an easier and cost effective way to get emails into batches in Capture for indexing?

Am open to any ideas / suggestions.

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    Re: Emails and Capture


    There is a product called IBM FileNet Email Manager that uses rules to determine which email messages to capture (E.g. subject, content, or just which mailboxes to watch) and automatically capture them into a repository. I'm afraid I haven't got the full list of supported repositories for each version at hand.

    An alternative is to have an application watching a mailbox and extracting the email and creating a capture-compatible index file and then having capture run a batch from this directory at given time intervals.

    Your best bet is to talk to your local ECM Tech Sales team to determine the most appropriate solution.


    Adam Fowler
    UKISA ECM Tech Sales, P8 4.0 Specialist