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Pinned topic J2EE Spider (eclipse tool) - increasing productivity in JEE projects

‏2008-02-12T23:10:44Z |
At the end of January we released the J2EE Spider 1.0.0-M1.

This version has several important features and even a new look. Watch the video (link below)!

An important feature of the tool - the generation of CRUDs is now also available. For these reasons are changing from version 0.3.0 to 1.0.0-M1.

Watch the new video with a demonstration of the tool:

Windows (self-executable):

Multiplatform (shown on the browser):

Project Objetives:

We want to take a step ahead. Even though there are other tools for code generation, none is nice enough. Some are difficult to use, others don't have a friendly interface or are executed through prompt commands, some generate bad code and don't allow customization and others only allow one code generation per project or don't allow an incremental generation or technologies alteration.

Thus, the objective of J2EE Spider is:
Generating codes whenever you want, with whatever you want and however you want.

When allow us to generate codes not only in the beginning of the project, but also to perform an incremental build. This concept of successive builds uses merge whenever necessary so that it won't lose customizations that may have been done in the code.

With what is the flexibility in the choice of frameworks. This allows the developer to decide which technologies will be part of the generated code, taking advantage of his/her team's know-how. In the future, it is intended to allow the generation with the greatest possible number of frameworks.

How allows us to alter the generation code template so that the generated code will be as similar as possible to the development methodology of each team. It is also possible to add new resources to the standard code generation in an easy and simple way.

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