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Pinned topic Tab Pane area refresh with ajax region builder in model container scenario

‏2008-02-06T03:41:07Z |
I have a problem with tabbed pane in websphere portlet factory. I have a scenario which I am describing below.

I have a model called as parent model, which contains (used model container builder) another model as child model (why because I need child model data to be displayed as dynamic rows in first tab and dyanmic table creation based on the tab one details in tab 2 for which I have used page tab builder and the spcific data will be displayed in parent page of parent model). And the parent and child model both combinedly are repeated.Parent model data resides in one collapsable pane and the child data resides in another collapsable pane inside the parent pane. So finally there is one parent collapsable pane and some specific data with one child collapsable pane is repeated means there will be many child collapsable panes.

The problems:
1) First unable to refresh the spefic tab which is there in child model, it does a full page refresh and the collapsable pane gets closed. Ofcourse, tab switching is happening.But the requirement is the selected tab (among 2 tabs) should be displayed only without making a full page refresh, i.e. partial page refresh to the tab area only which is not happening. Collapsable panes are developed by using the javascript.

2) Second one is related to the first one. To avoid problem 1, I have added a Ajax region builder pointing to a span area which is there in parent page of parent model, as a result the collapsable pane of parent page does not get closed (thats fine too), but the child collapsable pane is getting closed, ofcourse the tab gets changed to the selected one, but the requirement is tabs should be changed to the selected one without refreshing any other area (parent collapsable pane as well as child collapsable pane too means should not close the collapsable pane too).

3) Third problem is, as I mentioned the both sections are repeatative (one parent collapsable pane which is constant and the parent area details as well as the child area details including the child collapsable pane are repeatative). Take one scenario, I have 2 parent details as well as 2 child details, which are consequently getting displayed and there will be one parent collapsable pane always too. Here what happens, if I try to switch tab in first child page its getting reflected in every child panes too, which I want to restrict to the specific child page tabs (it should not affect the tab(with the same name of the selected tab in specific child page) of other child panes) which is not happening.

4) Fourth, in the child page, the first tab contains some row details specific to the data displayed in parent page area and the second tab contains some dynamic data in a tabular format where rows as well as columns are dynamic also, which is based on the spefic parent as well as the specific child (First tab) data details. How can I restrict in viewing to specify the item details to one parent area as well as one child area too including both the tabs, means every pane details needs to be unique ? As I have used model container which contains one model (two pages and two variables for two tabs), as a result I have to restrict the data to be displayed in specific parent and child by using some scriptlets in the specif pages which is working too. Is this a good way to implement ?

Can someone make me understand the above issues and is there any builder supporting the dynamic table creation specific to this area(using page tab and model container builder), if possible please provide me a sample application(WPF project) which I can take as an example to understand the whole issue ?