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Pinned topic WPF 602 Rich Client Platform and Personalization

‏2008-02-01T14:46:14Z |
-1) I am Developing portlets for use in Portal and RCP. Iterative development, so I deploy/redeploy with changes.
1) Profiled some variables to load property file values and exposed profile entries on Portlet Adapter builder for personalization.
2) Re-deployed to Portal; Edit mode provided in Portal, Entries display for personalized edit perfectly.
3) Re-deployed to RCP; Edit mode not provided.
4) Deployed to NEW RCP; Edit mode provided, Entries display for personalized edit perfectly.
5) Eventually original RCP (in #3) provides Edit mode, with personalization edits.
6) Removed exposure of profile entries from Portlet Adapter builder.
7) Re-deployed to RCP, Edit mode not immediately removed. Several re-deployments removed Edit mode. And, WPF still pulling Personalized (edit) values for profiled Variables, rather than returning to values in property file.

Hopefully this is the right forum to report this behavior.