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Pinned topic Portal 6 equillivent for old bowstreet: .ModelContainerSupport.renderModel

‏2008-01-30T18:56:30Z |
Hello all..

I am trying to mimic in Portal Factory 6 a function used in a portal we developed in PF 5...
that is a drop list that refreshes and shows a model underneath in a span div
where it makes this call...

out.flush();,modelName, modelFolder+"/"+modelName, "", null, ""+DataConverter.toBoolean("false"), "");

and thus the 'called' model should appear below the drop list.
in PF6 the does not have this method (it only has webcharts methods) and so I went to PF5 to find what jar thats in to import, and can't find it...

any help on anything about this method? or whar jar it might be in? or what new call I should make?

I get no errors on screen I know the model works, when launched on its own.

Thanks in advance for the help...

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    Re: Portal 6 equillivent for old bowstreet: .ModelContainerSupport.renderModel

    Ok.. I figured it out..

    1) I created a modelContainer builder object to show a mode in the <span that had the call in it
    2) then I looked at the WebAppTree view in the pespective and saw what code the system generated there..
    3) then I replaced the "ModelContainer" with the variable, ModelName and put this on the page:

    <%, (String)modelName, modelFolder+"/"+modelName, "", null, ""+DataConverter.toBoolean("false"), "", out);

    4) Disabled the modelContainer builder object

    And it works.. grand stuff this troubleshooting.