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Pinned topic Issues with setting ulimit through perl script

‏2008-01-29T04:52:05Z |
I have attached below code for both 'detect_errors.ksh' and '' script files. Wheneever we execute '' file we get following message

You are currently running with data limits not set to unlimited.
You may experience out of memory(OOM) conditions.
In the event of an OOM error, please increase the data limit value.
You may use "ulimit -d unlimited" to set data limit as unlimited.

'ulimit' is set to 'unlimited' in user's profile. Also we have statements setting 'ulimit' parameter in perl script. despite that we are getting above message with perl script. I don't get any issues when i execute shell script file. Can anyone please help me in this?

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    Re: Issues with setting ulimit through perl script

    getrlimit() and setrlimit() works for me on all AIX versions. It's part of BSD::Resource.