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Pinned topic XD Compute Grid "honorable mention" in WebSphere 2008 technology trends

‏2008-01-28T16:35:07Z |
The following is an excerpt from Jerry Cuomo's blog on WebSphere 2008 technology trends:

Honorable mention in the XTP space is distributed Batch – or “XTP for off-line work”. Many of the same principles discussed in XTP apply to batch processing workloads. WebSphere XD already has some compelling support for distributed Batch processing.

The major batch innovation for 2008 in support of XTP patterns is parallel batch. The parallel batch feature (of WAS XD Compute Grid) provides a mechanism to create logical jobs comprised of multiple sub-jobs that execute in parallel. This allows for work partitioning and multi-processor, multi-machine concurrency. This can be combined naturally with OG for very high performance, scalable transaction processing. The XD dynamic WLM facilities ensures smart placement of the sub-jobs on available compute resources. The distributed folks have finally caught onto what the Mainframe folks have known for years… Okay maybe with a bit of help from the Mainframe folks.

You can read the full posting at the following link: WebSphere 2008 Technology Trends

Some more details on what Jerry is referring to:

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