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Pinned topic Enterprise Java Batch for z/OS with XD Compute Grid WebCast replay

‏2008-01-25T05:30:23Z |

I recorded a webcast on Enterprise Java Batch w/ XD Compute Grid. You can find the recording at the following link . The webcast goes into some technical detail on what the value of XD CG is on the z/OS platform. The abstract is:

Developed for: Management and technical application developers, architects and system programmers

Technical level: Basic - intermediate

Batch processing is an integral part of an IT infrastructure. Core business processes – calculating interest and credit scores, payments processing, billing systems, end of month, end of quarter, end of year reporting and so on – all rely on batch as the execution environment. The emergence and evolution of standards, middleware, interpreted languages such as Java™, and the available development tooling will have significant impacts on the strategic business and technical direction of batch. This session will discuss the role an emerging technology – WebSphere® XD Compute Grid –will play on batch modernization and enterprise grid computing.

WebSphere XD for z/OS® can help through delivery of three key technologies: Operations Optimization, a service management infrastructure; Data Grid, a high-performance caching framework and Compute Grid. This complimentary teleconference will focus on Compute Grid, a zAAP-eligble enterprise Java execution environment built on WebSphere for z/OS. In addition to hearing an overview of the technology, you’ll learn how XD Compute Grid for z/OS relates to other technologies including jZOS and Tivoli® Workload Scheduler, and how customer are using the technology today.

Join us and learn how you can use this technology to:

* Migrate COBOL to Java incrementally and reduce the risks associated with a batch modernization project
* Integrate with existing enterprise batch schedulers such as Tivoli Workload Scheduler, CA7, Control-M and Zeke for WebSphere batch execution
* Enable new execution patterns such as Dynamic OLTP and Batch runtime environment built on WebSphere for z/OS and many others