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‏2008-01-23T02:03:03Z |
I'm new in using Cloudscape workbench. Does anyone know can it be used under Solaris? I can only get the Windows & Linux version.

I tried to use the linux version and execute the ./csworkbench in Solaris, but just got the "Invalid argument" error message
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    Re: Solaris platform

    The standalone product will only work on the platforms specified. However, the plug in should work on any platform where Eclipse 3.1 can be run - this includes Solaris.

    From the article Developer Works Cloudscape Workbench article:

    The tool is available in two different forms:

    * IBM Cloudscape Workbench: a stand-alone application for Windows and Linux, based on Eclipse technology.
    * IBM Cloudscape Workbench Plug-ins: A set of plug-ins that you can install and use with other Eclipse 3.1 based offerings.