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Pinned topic Retrieve MYSAPSSO2 Cookie

‏2008-01-16T13:37:30Z |
Hi all, we are using the WebSphere Portal and developed therefore some Portlets which were communicating to SAP backend systems. Now we are able to receive the MYSAPSSO2 Cookie (Peter Tuton, Single Sign-On for SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP with Tivoli Access Manager) and use it for authenication at the SAP backend systems. The problem what we have now is, if we place the image URL (http://as-java:port/SSOTicket/1x1.gif) in a WebPage Portlet on the WebSphere Portal Startup Page the user is asked to accept or decline the certificate. Now, if the user accepts the certificate and navigates immediately to another page the download of the MYSAPSSO2 cookie will be interrupted. As a result, it won't be possible for the Portlets to receive the MYSAPSSO2 Cookie neither log on to the SAP backend systems. Does anyone have an idea how to handle this case, is it possible form the WebSphere Portal point of view to force the user to wait until the MYSAPSSO2 cookie is downloaded? Or is there a possibility to call the URL (http://as-java:port/SSOTicket/1x1.gif) at the Log-On instead of loading it in an Web Page Portlet? Thank you in advance for your helpful ideas! Regs. Florian Furtmüller