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‏2008-01-03T08:20:17Z |
We have developed few plug-ins and trying to create a product ( application to run as product). we created the product file and been able to launch it from Eclipse. Once I export all the plug-ins ( we exported as .JAR and certain plug-ins with folder structure) and tried to launch it,giving the following error "java.lang.RuntimeException: No application id has been found.". The issue here is some plug-ins were developed in 3.2.0 and some are developed using 3.2.1. Hence we are exporting certain Plug-ins as JAR and remaining plug-ins as folder structure.

Attached is the error log for reference. Appreicate your help in advance.
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    Re: Plug-in product - Unable to launch product

    This doesn't seem to be a Cloudscape / Derby issue. Perhaps an Eclipse forum could point you in the right direction?