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‏2007-12-17T18:49:08Z |
We are observing server deadlocks on the SYSTEM_LOG table, was wondering if there is any way to disable entries into the table.
I was observed that the Processes deployed on the Workflow server have some warning, which are being written into this table, we are in the process of removing those warning, however, while we work on the above mentioend warning, i was wondering if there is any way to disable the entries in the table, while continuing to write to the fmcsys.log.

Thanks in advance,

Suresh Chandrasekharan
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    Re: SYSTEM_LOG table Deadlock

    You don't say what the warning is that is being written to the log.

    It is likely that you want to FIX this error, NOT disable writing to the log.


    John McDonald
    EmeriCon, LLC