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Pinned topic How to: Installing Voice Toolkit v6.0.1.1

‏2007-12-13T12:24:03Z |

Just got the current ( version of the Voice Toolkit installed, and wanted to document this in case anyone else is attempting to do the same thing. If anyone has any workarounds or spot something that I could have done better - please feel free to add your comments.

The Voice Toolkit requires RAD v6.0.1.1 or greater - so first step is to get hold of this software. The current (Dec 2007) trial version of RAD v6 is insufficient - you really need the full release as this includes the WAS "legacy" test environments.

Depending on how you get RAD, you may also need to download the update to - available at
The Updater software may also require updating - this will download automatically (assuming you have internet access from your installation machine). If not - get the updater updates here _US&lang=en&cc=US

When you install RAD v6 - you must also install the optional WebSphere Legacy Test Environments (5.0 and 5.1 - you may be able to install 5.1 only but I didn't try this).

Now you can install the Voice Toolkit.

The toolkit is a relatively small app but it does actually go out to and downloads more files. If you do not have internet access from your instalation machine, or you get firewall or other errors when you try and install - you will need to download the individual bits from There are instructions for how to do this for the previous version of the toolkit at

Look at the ftp site it points you to, and try going up a few directories till you see the right version of the toolkit. I found I did not need as many directories as suggested in the tech note above.

A trick that might help - do an install on another machine that does have internet access, and this will store the install image on your TMP directory (look for "~~Voice Toolkit~~" directory on your machine) and copy the voice toolkit setup.exe file into that directory. Now you have a directory with all the bits you need to install the toolkit. This is useful for future installations of the toolkit.

Be sure to use the Custom install option on the Voice Toolkit installer if you want the voice test environment installed.

Final step is to update the Rhino Javascript js.jar file - instructions in the release notes for the Voice Toolkit.

This took a while to work out (I am a little slow, and spectacularly failed to read the release/install notes properly :-) - so hopefully it will save you some time if you have managed to read this far. The main problem you are likely to face is getting hold of RAD v6 as this is now quite an old release of RAD and Eclipse and the Trial version on does not include the all-important WAS 5.x test environment.

AFAIK, there is no version of the Voice Toolkit for RAD v7 and WAS v6 - a pity as this is much easier to obtain a trial version of these more recent products.