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Pinned topic MQe_Explorer error messages

‏2007-12-11T16:53:00Z |
Hi all,
i have installed MQe_Explorer on a windows XP box running Websphere MQ.
WebSphere MQ is running fine, but MQe is running into the following exceptions:

1. MQe_Explorer
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/mqe/MQeQeueueManager
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_explorer.Explorer.<init>(Explorer.java:233)
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_explorer.Explorer.main(Explorer.java:191)

2. MQe_Service
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/mqe/MQeMsgObjet
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_service.wizard.MQeGatewayWizardOrganiser.<init>(MQeGatewayWizardOrganiser.java:31)
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_service.wizard.RunGatewayQMWizard.run(RunGatewayQMWizard.java:39)
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_service.wizard.RunGatewayQMWizard.main(RunGatewayQMWizard.java:31)

3. MQe_MiniCertServer
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/mqe/MQe
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_minicertserver.MainForm.checkMQeLevel(MainForm.java:645)
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_minicertserver.MainForm.activate(MainForm.java:177)
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_minicertserver.MiniCertServer.<init>(MiniCertServer.java:154)
at com.ibm.mqe.mqe_minicertserver.MiniCertServer.main(MiniCertServer.java:122)

I did not have any error message during the installation.

Do a need more jar Files? if so where can i download them.

Thank you for your support.

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  • neekrish
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    Re: MQe_Explorer error messages

    I see that this is a class path issue. You can have a look at the install.pdf file that is provided with the MQe server support pack. I would recommend you to see the section "Changing the classpath for the Microsoft Windows executables" in that document. One of the reason is WebSphere MQe product reinstalled in a different directory after installing server support pack. You can also see the current classpath that is in use in the Help -> About of WebSphere MQe explorer.
    Also to add Websphere MQe has to be installed on the machine where you are trying to run MQe Server support pack. You have mentioned "MQe_Explorer on a windows XP box running Websphere MQ". I think you are referring to MQ Everplace and not MQ. In simple term MQe_Explorer is to be used with WebSphere MQ everyplace and not with Websphere MQ.

    Neeraj Krishna