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‏2007-11-26T13:03:56Z |
I'm trying to generate a webservice with the Bean2WebService tool using a command line at the command prompt (MS-DOS).

According to the specification, the command line i need is just like i have wrote below:

"Bean2WebService style=rpc/use=encoded -host bmbdesenv:9080 -cp c:\Projetos\MB-IntegracaoIBK\Implementacao\Java\Jar\WsWs.jar; -project WsSrvGrl"
My Jar directory (classpath) is absolutely correct but the system insists to show the error message:

"Can't find the class: Make sure you have specified the correct classpath"

I'm using the WebSphere Studio Application Developer v5.1.1. Does anybody can help me?

My e-mail:
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    Re: Bean2WebService tool

    May be it's too late to reply to your issue related to Bean2WebService tool. Anyways, I was successfully able to use the tool with RAD v6. What I did, I set the classpath such that it has all of the libraries used by the Java bean. The easiest way to find out what all libraries you need to put in the classpath is by looking at the import statements in the Java bean class.

    Ash Khanna