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‏2007-11-15T11:44:11Z |
Welcome to the Global Recognition Forum (GNR) Forum! This is the place for questions, comments, concerns and opinions you may have about processing names in enterprise-scale IT systems, a collection of techniques that we call "Name Recognition"

In our twenty-five years of working on many facets of automated name-processing, in a wide variety of technical and operational contexts, one of the most persistent and striking impressions we found was the lack of shared knowledge and general isolation of the technologists who designed, developed, maintained and used automated systems that dealt in various ways with names. Again and again, we would find groups working on large-scale systems built on assumptions and processing methods that had already been throroughly examined and discarded elsewhere, for valid and compelling practical or theroetical reasons. It seems that name-processing is somehow problem that these various teams had each decided to solve for themselves.

We at GNR hope that this IP&S Forum will play a modest but useful role in encouraging those who deals with various facets of the name-processing problem to exchange perspectives, issues and opinions in a public way, so that market efficiencies will begin to operate and a canon of best-practices will begin to arise. Names are among the most ubiquitous of data-elements in the enterprise IT picture, a data asset that is rich in both promise and risk. We have found that names are in abundant supply within many organizations, but they are also generally the least understood, least analyzed and least exploited information within those organizations.
We want this Forum to become the first stop for anyone tasked with storing, analyzing, standardizing, searching or retrieving information based partially or completely on a name. While respecting the bounds of proprietary information and IP, we believe that much value can be created simply by open exchanges from hands-on practitioners -- designers, developers, end-users -- who work with names in the context of large-scale IT systems. There is much to be done, with significant potential benefits for all.

We welcome you to this GNR Forum, and we ask that you post your issues, comments and reviews in a way that facilitates and encourages thoughtful responses from a variety of perspectives. Effective and sophisticated automated name-processing is an increasingly potent challenge in many multinational, culturally diverse global enterprises -- IBM being a prominent example, of course. There is a suprising dearth of both technical and academic literature on this and related topics, and much of the "received wisdom" about name-matching has been in place for many years. All these are strong positive indicators for successful creation of a vital and successful community of interest around this set of topics.

Start with something small and casual -- say, the most complex name-processing issue that you have encountered; the biggest success or failure you have seen in an application that works with personal names -- anything that will trigger comments and reactions. You may find that your experience you thought was so unqiue isn't so unique after all. That way, we all gain.
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    Re: Welcome to the GNR Forum!



    We are using GNM We are facing a show stopper for below case.

    While creating Scoring object, we pass the nameworks.config file path. if datalist specified in nameworks.config file ([Datalist:OFAC]
     List=C:/GNR/OFACA.csv) is wrong/missing our application server (jboss) stops. I assume they do System.exit() as there was not Exception thrown.

    My Question is, Why are they doing System.exit() if wrong file name specified? shouldn't they throw Exception? What is the solution for this? (other than making sure the datalist file exist)?

    This happens even if datalist file is currupted.

    This is critical issue. Would appreciate any quick response.



    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ibmgnr::NwException'
    what(): GODW032E: /opt/jboss-eap-5.1/jboss-as/server/rtradev3/GNR/data/OFAC.csv
    /opt/jboss-eap-5.1/jboss-as/rtradev3/ line 257: 22497 Aborted


    Mohan Vallam